M32 Speed Zoom

M32 Speed

M32 Speed

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Product Name Price Excl. Tax Qty
M32 Speed Mainsail M3™
M32 Speed Gennaker Nylon Kevlar
M32 Speed Halyard Bag
M32 Speed Boom Cover
M32 Speed Gennaker Bag
M32 Speed Gennaker Boom Cover
M32 Speed Rudder Cover
M32 Speed Dinghy Cover
M32 Speed Shroud Bag



Class Insigna  -
Sail Numbers • -
Measurement •
6 Full Battens • -
2 Reefs • -
Tell Tails • -
Sail Bag • •
Antitorsion Luff Cable - •
Dyneema Leeches • •

Tuning Guide

Additional Info

Tuning Guide Not available at the moment.
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